Splicer Maintenance Package T-39/25E/66/81C/81M12/Z1C/T-400S/T201
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KABEX Splicer Maintenance Packages - T-39/25E/66/81C/81M12/Z1C/T-400S/T201:
- Physical inspection checks on equipment before power up.
- Power up and perform inspection task seek for error message.
- Function test on Key Pad, Power Supply, Battery Module and others accessory.
- Check electrode current arc count and total usage arc count.
- Electrode replacement.
- Vacuum particles and cleaning on fiber clamp, V groove, mirror and microscope surface.
- Maintenance inspection base on factory specification.
- Arc center and Electrode positions check.
- LED brightness and 9-point brightness check.
- Fiber Angle check.
- Origin position on fiber core B/W, B/B, fiber center position check.
- Image processing on microscope K values check.
- Core offset measurement check.
- ZL,ZR,VX,VY,MSX,MSY origin position check.
- MDT Diagnostic check on all motor for splicer.
- Heat shrink Oven check.
- Perform Arc Test to adjust the Arc Power.
- Splicing test on Single Mode Fiber and estimated result shows by splicer less than 0.02dB average.                                                                                           

1) Extended 1 year warranty for splicers which are still within the 1 year manufacturer's warranty period.
2) A one (1) time general service is required for splicer which are expired from the manufacturer's warranty to be entitled of the 1 year extended warranty which offer by this package.
3) Pick-up and delivery arrangements within Malaysia (by courier).

*Lead time : 2-3 days.

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